News and Updates Soundvision

Last updates coming in to our brand , Eddy Romero next dates in Le Scorp Perpignan (France) and his mini tour in Berlin with three dates in different clubs like R19 , Arena Club wich is our hosted party for Bass N Smile from Switzerland and some others. Also Leix is having nice success with his new label Lower Tones where we will keep you posted with all related news in following months including showcases and new releases where first showcase in Berlin has amazing success stay tuned with this new project by the spanish artist that lives in Berlin Now. Miguel Lobo has signed new EP into 8Bit and some surprises are coming this year. Edgar De Ramon has signed in “Gruuve” and has many projects around including his own label nights “TUTU” and the club he is hosting this year in his hometown Amposta. Off Barcelona event is in the way and we will send some info in following weeks with venues , artists and all the rest just as advance we will go to the beach again with a free party !!!


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